Features & Pricing Options for Every Need

SwiftID enables brokers to Increase their conversion rate by offering a unique, user-friendly platform to clients that meets the highest levels of security.

SwiftID is a cost effective solution for the setup and onboarding of online trading accounts. As an end to end solution provider, we work closely with our customers to develop bespoke technology offerings to suit their unique needs.ย Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and model.



The software as a service (SaaS) platform has been architected specifically with compatibility in mind to any legacy system to avoid interoperability concerns.ย 



The interactive form allows customers to troubleshoot any incorrect fields immediately resulting in more sign ups at a quicker rate.



The agility of the platform allows you to scale up or down depending on requirements.



Unparallel cost efficiency that allows you to have more clients and funds under management.


A cash management account is an account held with a financial institution that allows you to manage your cash transactions through one portal. Think of it as an umbrella or main cash hub under which all of your investments flow in and out.

Cash management accounts keep your money safe while earning high-yield interest. When you deposit money into a CMA, it’s held in accounts at your financial institution’s partner banks.
A cash management account can help you track the movement of your money and allows you to see your cash, financial position at any moment. In other words, it enables you to monitor your cash flow. A benefit of a cash management account is having a consolidated view and visibility of all cash movements.

Open an online trading account via our secure portal with one of our broking partners and we will automatically open a CMA for you.

SwiftID partners with Macquarie bank for your CMA and multiple brokers for trading and investing.

SwiftID verification is an authentication process that compares the identity a person claims to possess with data that proves it. There are many documents that can serve as providers of this objective truth: birth certificates, passport medicare card, driver’s licenses, and others.

Yes, SwiftID will automatically open your trading account and CMA account.

Our experienced team and secure portals coupled with competitive pricing make our offering unique to the market.

If you are a broker, financial institution or investor wanting to open trading accounts and CMA accounts on behalf of your clients or an investor wanting to open an account for yourself, please get in touch with us for terms of service and pricing.

Every financial institution is different and may have their own requirements but as a general rule you will most likely require the following:
birth certificates, passport, medicare card, driver’s licenses, and others.

SwiftID is currently integrated with GBST and other individual back office systems. Integration is part of the service so get in touch to find out more.

Yes. We only hold your identity while your accounts are being processed. Our cybersecurity meets the highest standards to work with Macquarie and other banks.

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